Biomarker Tests

Colorectal cancer biomarker products

We offer a suite of biomarker products for use in the management of colorectal cancer. These biomarker products will transform the standard of care for colorectal cancer by providing robust data for clinical decision making, thereby delivering clinical benefits that improve patient outcomes and substantially reducing treatment costs. Please note that our products are for professional use only. Private individuals wishing to access these products will need to do so through their physicians, this will include providing Oxford Cancer Biomarkers with a physician’s referral letter.


Predicts chemotherapy toxicity

20-30% of colorectal cancer patients experience severe drug side effects when treated with a standard dose of 5FU and capecitabine based chemotherapy, the ToxNav test may identify those at high risk of severe drug side effects and therefore can be used by clinicians to select safer chemotherapy drug doses, and reduce the likelihood of life threatening toxicity. ToxNav also identifies a small subset of patients (1% of all patients) that should avoid 5FU based chemotherapy altogether because of a high risk of toxic death. The ToxNav test has been validated using approx. 1,000 colorectal cancer patients 1-4.


Identifies patients requiring chemotherapy

A test carried out after colorectal cancer surgery to identify patients that are either Low Risk, Standard Risk or High Risk of relapse. This assay will allow surgeons and oncologists to better target adjuvant chemotherapy, to those individuals at highest risk of relapse and avoid chemotherapy in patients who have a high likelihood of cure by surgery alone. This tumour test was developed and validated using approximately 1,000 individuals 6-10.


Defines a subpopulation of normal individuals with an elevated risk of developing colorectal cancer

ColoPredict can identify a subpopulation of healthy individuals at increased risk of developing colorectal cancer. These individuals should take steps to minimise their risk of colorectal cancer including exercise, healthy diet, undertaking earlier screening and colonoscopies. ColoPredict, which is performed on DNA collected from a simple mouth swab, complements existing colorectal cancer screening programmes and would be expected to be a cost-effective test. This DNA test was developed and validated using approx. 47,000 individuals 29, 19, 20, 25-28.

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